Words from Hig (aka w0rmer)

An email from Hig to everyone this morning —

Hey guys, I have finally made it to a location that the BOP feels fit to keep me in. It is located in Lisbon Ohio and is a Federal Satellite Low. Most of the guys here are in one of two categories, either sexual offenders (in most cases NOT rape but downloading of child porn….le sigh) and drug dealers with too high a security level to go to a camp but who still deserve the lax of the politics of everyday life. I am happy to say that for the most part I am doing ok. I have some time to drop this line but I have so much to do today that I am unsure of exactly if I will find time to write everyone singularly.

I wish to thank everyone and I hope everyone is as happy that i am at least in one place as I am. I have had a long road and it seems like I can finally put my car on cruise control before I have to spend even a single minute checking the crossroads.

I did get as far as signing up for “Space Travel”,… but they don;t offer it here. I urge anyone with a spare dime or a book to send one or the other, I hear the going rate a month is….. 5.75… Le bigger Sigh!

I hope to get all this petty stuff done today so I can focus on getting my “class’s” in order and furthering my self education as a better person…le biggest sigh. I miss my wife the most but all of you are in my heart. Please don’t give up, God knows I have thought about it more then once. Without everyone of you I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I thank you all.

Below is my address.

Higinio Ochoa
Federal Satellite Low Elkton
P.O. Box 10
Lisbon, Ohio 44432

Thanks again for all everyone has done and thanks to my beautiful and ever stronger wife. I know this hasn’t been easy. I love you all and please take time to remind the world about me and the other fallen soldiers in our fight.

Talk with you All later

Hugz and Love,
Political Prisoner 72022-279

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