Weev Sends Letter From Solitary Confinement

The following letter from Weev was received by a supporter today. It was originally posted on pastebin.


How are you doing? How are the chops? I am disgusted to have to write an actual paper letter but they took away all my electronic comms methods and put me in the special housing unit where I am under 24/7 lockdown. All this for the high crime of blogging,despite nation B.O.P. officials having made public statements that what I was doing wasn’t against the rules. Meredith had a conversation with the guy even.

It has been a week of this and I feel completely alone and abandoned. I don’t even have my loved ones or attorney’s address (they took most of my papers and I happened to have your address on a property slip they didn’t toss). and am unsure when or if anyone will find out about my situation.

I refused to consent to a payment plan for the fine levied against me from my commissary funds, so now I can’t buy food I can eat from the prison store anymore. Things are really depressing. Please have people send books. I need them badly in 24/7 lockdown with no library access.

I miss everyone, also food and sunlight. I was hoping people would send m tweets and news articles about me but nobody has. Has the Internet forgotten about me or am I still a hot topic?

Miss you all dearly,
Weev #10378-010

(I really wish my attorney would call, only he can)

Weev needs our support. Show him that the Internet has not and will never forget him.

To donate to his defense fund so his lawyer can visit and work to get better living conditions for Weev: http://cfaadefensefund.com/

To donate to his support fund so his support crew can add to his commissary and send books: http://bit.ly/weevpay

To sign up to send books from his reading list or to tell us about books you have sent: https://oppenpal.wordpress.com/mailing-list/team-weev/

Can’t afford postage? Send a message of support to OpPenPal [at] tormail [dot] org. We will print and send it for you.

Guidelines for sending mail and books: https://oppenpal.wordpress.com/guidelines/


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