Josh of the Cleveland 4 Found Guilty At Trial

Josh “Skelly” Stafford of the Cleveland 4 was found guilty on all charges at trial yesterday. He is accused of taking part in a plot to blow up a bridge in Cleveland on May Day 2012 – a plot that was actually planned by an infiltrator paid by the FBI to target Occupy Cleveland activists. After a 5th defendant turned on the group, the others accepted non-cooperating plea deals and are serving sentences of up to 11 years in federal prison.

Josh adamantly refused to admit guilt to a crime he had not committed. He represented himself at trial against an aggressive prosecution and, unfortunately, lost the case. You can read detailed court notes here.

He will be sentenced in about 90 days, with a possibility of life in prison.

He needs our love and support now more than ever. Please send him a card or letter to let him know we admire his courage in standing up to a corrupt “justice” system and that we will not abandon him. We do not forgive injustice, we do not forget our comrades, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons should expect mail.

Joshua Stafford
2240 Hubbard Rd
Youngstown OH 44505

Many thanks to the tireless Cleveland 4 support team, who have worked so diligently to get the word out about this case. We stand in solidarity with you and the incarcerated.


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