Hig (aka w0rmer) Introduces “Hack.ed#” Comic, Solicits Submissions

This week we received a letter from Higinio Ochoa introducing a project he is working on during his prison term called Hack.ed#. Images of the letter are available below, or here is the transcript:

Dear friends and family,

I would like to introduce you to my latest project. Hack.ed# is part comic and part teaching aide. Each volume will contain a great story filled with relateable content along with lessons that both teach and entertain. I will be releasing it in both a free digital copy and a paid bound one. The first volume will be complete in about a month. The main factor being access to resources.

If you would like to contribute to upcoming issues we could really use the help. Mailing in tutorials, ideas, and manual pages from various tools helps us keep it as realistic as possible. If you have a subject you would like explained please let me know. This is after all for the community. Before I go I would like to thank all from freeanons.org and my lovely wife.

I hope I have peaked your curiosity and got you interested in learning.

Author & friend,

hig AKA w0rmer

P.S. Spread the word!

I ❤ OpPenPal!

You can write back to w0rmer here:

Higinio Ochoa #72022-279
Federal Satellite Low Elkton
P.O. Box 10
Lisbon, Ohio 44432

Scanned images of the letter: page 1 | page 2


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