Additions/Updates to the #OpPenPal Mailing List

Several names have been added or updated on our mailing list recently, and we wanted to take a moment to introduce them.

Sebastian ‘Sabi’ Senakiewicz (NATO 5):

Sabi was sentenced to 4 months in a boot camp for non-violent offenders after accepting a non-cooperating plea agreement. He “graduated” from boot camp and was expecting to spend some time on house arrest while waiting for his deportation proceedings to be completed, but instead was pulled over and taken into immigration detention as he and his mom were driving away from the graduation ceremony. He will likely be held for a week or two before being deported to his native Poland.

Please send urgent letters and postcards today!

Sebastian Senakiewicz
McHenry County Adult Correctional Facility
2200 N Seminary Ave
Woodstock, IL 60098

Jason Hammond:

Jason Hammond, Jeremy’s twin brother, was arrested July 11 for allegedly being involved in an altercation between an anti-racist group and white supremacists in Tinley Park, IL over a year ago.

 He is currently being held at Cook County Jail with an unreasonably high bail of $100,000 cash. This means that 100% of the bail amount must be paid for Jason’s freedom.

We visited Jason this week. You can read about it here.

Jason Hammond
PO Box 089002
Chicago IL 60608

Gregory Koger:

Gregory Koger is a prison activist who was sentenced to 300 days for videotaping a public meeting in 2009. He served about 2 months but has since been working to appeal his case. At a hearing this week, he was taken back into custody to serve the remainder of his sentence. He is on hunger strike in solidarity with prisoners in California and around the world.

You can get updates or donate at his support site, or read an article about the most recent developments in his case.

Gregory Koger
PO Box 089002
Chicago IL 60608

Marissa Alexander:

In April 2010, Alexander, then 29, fired a warning shot to stop her abusive husband. She was a battered wife and he was coming towards again, fully intending to do her harm. She was frail at the time, having just given birth days earlier. Alexander did not fire the shot directly at her husband. The bullet ended up in the ceiling and no one was hurt. Her abusive husband even claimed he meant to ‘lay hands on her’ and that she did the right thing in trying to stop him. Yet, Marissa Alexander was arrested and is now serving a 20-year prison sentence.

Marissa Alexander
500 East Adam St
Jacksonville, FL 32202


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