Best Birthday Wishes for Barrett Brown

On August 14th, Barrett Brown will have been held in pretrial detention for 336 days. It will also be his 32nd birthday.

In collaboration with Free Barrett Brown, OpPenPal is calling on the internet to make this birthday the best possible for Barrett, despite the fact that he remains in federal custody facing absurd charges and excessively harsh sentencing.

Barrett Brown

Who is Barrett Brown?

Barrett Brown, journalist and satirist, has spent almost a year in jail and now faces over 100 years in prison for exercising his journalistic privileges of sharing data with fellow researchers and protecting his sources.

Learn more about Barrett and the charges against him at Free Barrett Brown.

How can you help Barrett have a happy birthday?

  • Send Barrett a birthday card, postcard, or letter at the mailing address below. Greeting cards should not have any glue, glitter, or other extras attached.
  • Create a customized postcard birthday greeting via our friends at FlikShop.
  • If you wish to send Barrett books, please make sure they are paperback and ship directly from a bookseller (i.e. Barnes & Noble, Powell’s, etc) – he particularly enjoys books about history.
  • Donate to Barrett’s commissary fund:

Go to
Select Manfield Law Enforcement Center (TX)
First letter of last name, B
Select Brown, Barrett
Proceed to add funds

  • Tell all your friends to get involved!

Mailing Address:

Barrett Brown #45047177
Mansfield Law Enforcement Center
1601 Heritage Parkway
Mansfield, TX 76063

As always, feel free to tweet pictures of your support efforts to @OpPenPal and @FreeBarrett_.


3 responses to “Best Birthday Wishes for Barrett Brown

  1. Sent Barrett: Zen in the Martial Arts, Oxford Latin Pocket Dictionary, and an Oatmeal book (the cat one). ♅

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