Book Club


This summer we are launching a prisoner book club. Thanks to generous donations from publishers, authors, and booksellers, we will be shipping sets of titles to anyone on the #opPenPal list who wishes to participate. We will then compile their responses here to create a collaborative book review.

We will announce each title as it goes out so you can join the discussion as well. Let’s create a community of book-readers and letter-writers to combat the isolation imposed by the prison system.

If you are a publisher, author, or bookseller who is interested in participating, please email us at opPenPal [at] tormail [dot] org.



5 responses to “Book Club

    • Thanks for your interest! We’re looking for authors/publishers/booksellers who would be able to donate multiple copies of titles to be used in the book club. If you want to participate as an individual, however, stay tuned here and on twitter (@OpPenPal), where we will announce book club titles and give you an opportunity to join the discussion. We’re hoping to launch this starting in June.

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