Though activists are blessed to have the support of countless amazing attorneys who take on their cases pro bono, many political prisoners still need our support. Whether it’s putting money on someone’s commissary or donating to their lawyers to help pay for travel to a court appearance. This is by no means a complete list of ways you can donate to help a political prisoner. We at OpPenPal do not accept donations. Any questions you may have about the funds can probably be answered through the donation page. If you have a link you think should be added to the list email or tweet it to us. Thanks for your support.

FreeAnons |

FreeAnons is a group dedicated to helping all people who are arrested and charged with crimes pertaining to Anonymous. They help find legal aid, donate funds for travel, and generally are just amazing for supporting our friends.

Barrett Brown |

Bitcoin wallet: 1FreeBBjTK5XXXsnjYB8foyFhGGHoajpRF

Jeremy Hammond |

Chelsea Manning |

John Kiriakou |

Higinio Ochoa |

BitCoin wallet: 1BG16GZLpqkGBE2ocKQbi8yAy1H3s9JUHG

Merchandise store, all sales benefit Hig:

Baby registry:

Weev |

CFAA Defense Fund |

NATO 5 |

Books for the NATO 5:

Migs (NATO 5) Prison Release Fund:

Cleveland 4 |

Tinley Park 5 |

Mumia Abu Jamal |

Lynne Stewart |

Marissa Alexnder |


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